Mac OS X

If you are using Mac OS X, you can install restic using the homebrew packet manager:

$ brew tap restic/restic
$ brew install restic


On archlinux, there is a package called restic-git which can be installed from AUR, e.g. with pacaur:

$ pacaur -S restic-git

Pre-compiled Binary

You can download the latest pre-compiled binary from the restic release page.

From Source

restic is written in the Go programming language and you need at least Go version 1.7. Building restic may also work with older versions of Go, but that’s not supported. See the Getting started guide of the Go project for instructions how to install Go.

In order to build restic from source, execute the following steps:

$ git clone

$ cd restic

$ go run build.go

You can easily cross-compile restic for all supported platforms, just supply the target OS and platform via the command-line options like this (for Windows and FreeBSD respectively):

$ go run build.go --goos windows --goarch amd64

$ go run build.go --goos freebsd --goarch 386

The resulting binary is statically linked and does not require any libraries.

At the moment, the only tested compiler for restic is the official Go compiler. Building restic with gccgo may work, but is not supported.